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2021 International Crabapple Symposium
Recorded Sessions

Introduction - 2021 International Crabapple Symposium

James Chatfield, President, IOCS

Crabapple Diseases at Secrest Arboretum, Ohio, USA

James Chatfield, President, IOCS

Design Insights of Yancheng's Chinese Crabapple Garden

YANG Fan, Zhejiang A&F University

BAO Zhiyi, Professor and Dean, School of Landscape Architecture, Zhejiang A&F University

Posterity vs. Prosperity:
The Enduring Appeal of Ornamental Crabapples in China 

Martin SIAW, Manager, International Crabapple Cultivar Registration Center

QUAN Jian, Assistant Professor, Beijing Botanical Garden

Crabapples for the Uppper Midwestern USA

Jeffery K. Iles, Professor and Department Chair,

Department of Horticulture, Iowa State University

Flower and Leaf Microbiome in Crabapples

WEI Na, Research Scientist

Holden Forests & Gardens

Anthocyanin Biosynthesis in Crabapple

TIAN Ji, Professor and Dean, Department of Horticulture

YAO, Yunchong, Professor and Vice Principal Emeritus

Beijing Agriculture University

Malus spontanea and The Morton Arboretum

Matthew Lobdell, Curator of Living Collections

The Morton Arboretum

‘Duojiao’, A New Yellow-Leaf Cultivar Of Malus spectabilis

SHEN Xiang, Professor
Shandong Agriculture University

A Binary-Based Matrix Model For Malus Corolla Symmetry and its Variational Significance

ZHOU TING, Research Associate

Jiangsu Academy of Plant Science, Chinese Academy of Science

Crabapple Breeding in China

GOU Ling, International Registrar of Crabapple

LV Tong, Beijing Botanical Garden

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